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Scientists detect a massive thermonuclear explosion from outer space
2 HRS AGO - A star from a distant galaxy produced the most intense X-ray blast ever.
Meet the chevrotain, the small and secretive mouse deer
5 HRS AGO - The mouse deer. Or the pig deer. Or the little goat. Whatever you call the chevrotain, this is a Expand
MIT's Mini Cheetah robots just want to have fun
1 DAY AGO - MIT's Biomimetics department releases video of Mini Cheetah robots frolicking in the leaves.
12 interesting facts about the lefties we love
1 DAY AGO - Like, why are there so many left-handed athletes, and how come they're so good at math?
Why do we eat more when we're with our friends and family?
1 DAY AGO - It's not just that your mom encourages second helpings. Studies show that a phenomenon called Expand
To protect endangered rhinos, U.S. Army veterans answer a new call to arms
4 DAYS AGO - Ex-soldiers are joining the fight to save rhinos against poachers in S. Africa and beating back Expand
Apes may have started to walk on two legs millions of years earlier than thought
4 DAYS AGO - Ancient ape remains suggest bipedalism emerged at least 11.6 million years ago
How to cut the cable cord and not miss a thing
2 HRS AGO - Cable TV is no longer a must when you have an Internet connection. Here's how to cut the cable Expand
How much weight can a hawk carry?
5 HRS AGO - It's cool to have hawks and other raptors living in our midst, but should we be worried about Expand
When will the lights in the night sky blink off forever?
1 DAY AGO - Scientists have just made the most precise measurement yet of how fast the universe is expanding.
Why NIH is beefing up its data sharing rules after 16 years
1 DAY AGO - Draft update to 2003 policy will require that all grantees make data sets freely available
Arctic blast poised to shatter records this week
1 DAY AGO - As much as two-thirds of the U.S could be plunged into record-breaking cold, but autumn isn't Expand
'Downsize' shows you how to think big when living small
3 DAYS AGO - The new book by Sheri Koones is full of beautiful homes and good ideas.
Senior dogs and veterans are better together
4 DAYS AGO - Under One Last Treat, military veterans adopt senior dogs looking for homes, creating beautiful Expand
Can a glut of fake horns save real rhinos?
4 DAYS AGO - Scientists plan to flood the black market with cheap fake rhino horns to disrupt the poaching Expand
What ailments does medical marijuana help?
4 DAYS AGO - As more states legalize cannabis for health treatments, here's a rundown of the science.
12 amazing message-in-a-bottle stories
3 HRS AGO - From the words of a shipwrecked castaway to a sailor looking for love, these bottle-bound missives Expand
When is the best time to eat dinner?
8 HRS AGO - Nutritionists say it's not just what we eat, but when we eat dinner that matters.
Why you shouldn't yell at your dog
1 DAY AGO - How you train your dog can affect his happiness and stress levels long-term, study finds.
United States should make a massive investment in AI, top Senate Democrat says
1 DAY AGO - Senator Charles Schumer (D–NY) says $100 billion more is needed to keep United States a global Expand
​The link between chronic illness and shame
3 DAYS AGO - Like chronic illness itself, the difficulty of shame is something we want to ignore, but it's Expand
Untangling the Trump administration’s lawsuit over an HIV prevention drug
4 DAYS AGO - Does Gilead owe the U.S. government royalties for its “invention” of a lucrative intervention?
This ad will have you air drumming in no time
4 DAYS AGO - A Christmas commercial from British retailer Argos inspires both parents and kids to dream big.
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